Best orthodontist specialist in Hialeah - Miami Lakes

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics?

At Lakes Orthodontics Dr. Carmen Briceno Crespi (Dr. Crespi!) and her highly trained staff want to make sure that you feel special and understand that you are receiving the absolute best orthodontic treatment available. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Lakes Orthodontics:

We are an orthodontic specialist!
You trust your heart to a cardiologist, your skin to a dermatologist, your knees to an orthopedist. Like these specialists who study their specialty area after their general medical education, orthodontists devote additional years of study to orthodontics after they graduate from dental school. Orthodontists focus specifically on their specialty area and have in-depth experience in orthodontic care. They use their knowledge and skills to help you get the best results possible.

“Dr. B is the best!” (Rodolfo Sengelmann, actual patient)
Patients absolutely love Dr. Crespi. She is a hometown Dr. that genuinely cares about her patients and wants to make everyone around her have a beautiful smile. Her education and awards speak for themselves but it is her love for her patients that really sets her apart.

Not a chain, we own our practice!
At Lakes Orthodontics Dr. Carmen Crespi is the owner of the practice. What this means is that you are assured that Dr. Crespi will be the only Orthodontist to treat you and your child from beginning to the end. It is not in your best interest to have different people treating you as this can make treatment go longer and potentially affect the quality of the treatment outcome.

Panoramic Digital X-Ray (LESS RADIATION)
Our state of the art digital x-ray technology allows us to view a higher quality image of our patient’s mouth. This is very important as it enables Dr. Crespi to more precisely diagnose the proper treatment plan on the first visit. This digital x-ray also produces far less radiation than older technologies which is ideal when dealing with developing children and teens.

Dr. Crespi finishes more than 99% of her cases on or ahead of time!
At Lakes Orthodontics we take our time to ensure that your treatment is completed to the highest standards in the proper amount of time. Over 99% of our patients finish on or before time! We do not ever overbook patients, therefore, your treatment is always moving along and you are not waiting for hours to be seen at our office.

Lakes Orthodontics works to ensure proper oral hygiene during treatment.

Outstanding orthodontic treatment is always built on teamwork. Dr.Crespi likes to help her patients by giving each patient an Oral B Pro Health toothbrush. This electric toothbrush is specifically designed for braces and allows patients to clean around the brackets much easier and prevent any permanent stains. Each patient gets detailed instructions on how to properly care for their teeth and all patients are rewarded for keeping their teeth sparkling clean.

Lakes Orthodontics has a brand new office with the latest equipment!
Our office uses the most modern up to date technology to be sure that our patients are receiving the absolute highest quality of care. Our digital x-ray machines are the newest low radiation units for the safety of our patients. We also offer the most advanced treatment modalities from Invisalign to the most modern low friction, low pain braces.