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Since the beginning of recorded time, people have been in search of the best for their lives, even if this means traveling to find it. Perhaps this is the reason why so many families seeking the best orthodontic treatment in Miami come to Lakes Orthodontics; this is often the case for many of the residents of Miami Beach.

We are not only honored to serve you but also committed to providing you the best, most efficient and technologically advanced orthodontic treatment available today. Miami Lakes, although easily accessible via the 826, I-75 and even 125st is not near Miami Beach. This fact has not slowed down a significant number of patients looking for the best orthodontic treatment they can provide for their family and themselves who make a point to see us. Truth be told, there is no shortage of qualified orthodontist in Miami Beach, however, patients still come to Lakes Orthodontics.

Why Lakes Orthodontics?

There are several reasons why many choose Lakes Orthodontics. Firstly, Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi is one of only a handful of orthodontic specialists in South Florida. As an orthodontic specialist, Lakes Orthodontics can offer a wider range of orthodontics treatments and appliances than your average cosmetic dentist. We are proud to provide the latest technologies and solutions, such as Self-Ligating brackets, temporary anchorage devices, Invisalign®, Invisalign® Teen, as well as soft tissue lasers.

Finish your treatment in less time with better results!

We are also one of the very few practices employing the latest in 3D modeling and scanning. In order to be the best, we felt that we needed the best technology so we acquired the best 3D scanner in the market called the iTero, Intraoral Scanner by Align Technology, Inc. This device alone has allowed us to cut the Invisalign ClinCheck (modeling procedure) setups by as much as 50% with ten times fewer rejections, seven times fewer fit issues and more importantly to us a better patient experience. Not only that but at Lakes Orthodontics we can actually show you an instant before and after an image of your teeth may look after Invisalign treatment!

What does this all means to you?

Simply stated, this means better, faster, more accurate braces and Invisalign treatment. In many cases a lower cost due to increased accuracy and fewer fit issues often requiring additional visits and adjustments. So, whether you are looking for conventional braces or Invisalign for you or your family, come see us for a free no obligation consultation. We pledge to provide you with a best orthodontic service in Miami!

Don’t forget to contact Lakes Orthodontics for a complimentary consultation including your X-rays and exam with award winning orthodontic specialist, Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi.

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Well, you are in luck because Miami Lakes is hometown to South Florida’s premier orthodontic specialist, Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi.  Her practice, Lakes Orthodontics is dedicated to helping children, teens and adults to smile with confidence with the use of the most advanced orthodontic treatments including metal, clear, and colorful braces as well as a full line of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen products.

The Best Orthodontists in Miami, FL

Dr. Crespi is an award-winning, board-certified orthodontic specialist and has successfully completed over 11,000 orthodontic cases.  She has the finest education as she graduated #1 from University of Florida Dental School and is now a board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.  She is also a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, and the Florida Dental Association. Dr. Briceño Crespi is also an attending faculty member at Miami Children’s Hospital heading the orthodontic curriculum for the pediatric dental residents.

Education, awards, and experience! It’s no wonder that thousands of parents and patients love and trust Dr. Crespi with their smile.   If you would like to have Dr. Crespi help you with your smile then please contact Lakes Orthodontics today for a 100% free consultation and get started on your beautiful smile today!