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Every month, thousands of families stop by lakes-ortho.com looking for Overbite Correction in Miami Gardens. This makes us very proud, because as the leading provider for regular braces but also Invisalign throughout Noth Miami we do not take lightly the trust our patients put on us. If it happens that you’re seaching for Overbite Correction in Miami Gardens, we ask that you call us to scehdule a FREE consultation. This is not the norm but in recent years we have seen a consistent erosion of the value of experience and expertice. We know that if you visit our office, you will come to realize why we are so highly reagarded by individuals throughout Dade and Broward County.

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Searching for Overbite Correction in Miami Gardens? Lakes Ortho, Your top rated orthodontist for not only standard braces but Invisalign as well!

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Four Methods for Finding the Best Orthodontist in Miami Gardens

Lakes Ortho helps both adults and children achieve healthy and effectively aligned teeth; so, don’t rush to decide on an orthodontist. Locating the best orthodontist is a bit bit difficult currently. This is because of the unconventional orthodontic options that have broadened all the different possible providers. Here are some most effective strategies for locating the best orthodontist.

  1. Ask for Endorsements: Requesting endorsements is amongst the easiest ways of choosing the best orthodontist. If you know oral surgeons in your community, demand references. Additionally, other family dentists can assist you find the right orthodontist. Various dentists and dentists work together with orthodontists. That is why, they refer orthodontists they know and trust.
  1. Dental Insurance Plan Accepted: Some orthodontists might not take your named insurance. To discover the right orthodontist, question them if they accept your dental plan. This is very important in case your healthcare includes orthodontics. So, you will want an orthodontist who is able to use your insurance. Once you see a listing of local orthodontists, call them. Question them when they accept your plan. Also, make certain of this with the insurance company.
  1. Go to their Dental Office

Go to the office of your local orthodontists you are interested in choosing. Visiting their offices will allow you to obtain an orthodontist you happen to be at ease with. An excellent orthodontist works within a modern and fresh facility. Along with the staff member are helpful and always in a pleasant mood. Ensure you are relaxed in this office as you might visit that dental office regularly.

  1. Look for Reviews: Online reviews can help you find the right orthodontist. Some websites might have reviews of several orthodontists. You must, visit these web sites and look at their reviews. The best orthodontists get good reviews. Make sure the orthodontist has been rated favorably by most users. Do not forget to check grievances against these orthodontists. Keep away from those that have a lot of criticisms.

Those are the best techniques for locating the best orthodontist in Miami Gardens but if you still require more info we encorage to visit our blog. A lot of friends {looking for|seaching for|seaching Ask.Com, tell us that learned from the info we offered not only about Overbite Correction in Miami Gardens but also Orthodontist Kendall. Finding the ideal orthodontist in Miami Gardens may take doing some reaseach Lakes Ortho an award winning, board certified orthodontist with more than 12,000 cases to het credit is always a great place to start!

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Do braces hurt? Does Invisalign hurt?


What you should expect when you put on your braces or Invisalign.

A question that I get all the time from patients in my orthodontic office is, “Will my braces or Invisalign hurt?” This is actually on most people’s mind when considering braces or Invisalign.  No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you choose you will most likely have some level of pain, soreness or discomfort with your teeth at the beginning of treatment.  However, the discomfort is not typically a sharp pain but instead more like soreness that you feel for the first couple of days when you first start with braces or Invisalign.  Most patients say that the first three days are the toughest and that after that the soreness goes away.   It is also important to remember that pain is subjective and patients have different treatment details that can greatly vary the feeling that a patient feels during treatment.

Tips to help make your braces or Invisalign treatment be less painful:

1) Eat softer foods the first few days of braces.  Often times, the most painful moments when someone first starts their braces or Invisalign is when they eat for the first two or three days.  A very helpful tip is to eat softer foods that do not require your teeth to put a lot of pressure.  For example, you can have mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, applesauce, etc.

2) Use wax to cover any sharp edges on the braces or Invisalign.

3) Use plenty of lip balm or Vaseline the first two days.  Often times the initial appointments leave the lips dry due to having the mouth stretched to put on the braces.  Using moisturizer on the lips can make the lips feel much better and ease the pain of the braces the first few days.

4) Eat something cold like ice cream, a milkshake or a smoothie.  Often times a cold treat can make you feel relief and make you feel rewarded for your braces.  Obviously, do not eat something that can possibly damage your braces or make a mess like caramel, hard nuts, etc.

5) Take a pain reliever.  A very common remedy to the pain tat you feel when you begin your treatment is to take a pain reliever such as Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.   Make sure to avoid anything that can cause an allergy and consult your physician if you are taking any other medications.

It is also important to remember that the pain will get better and that the beautiful smile that will come at the end of treatment is 100% worth the temporary pain.

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