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A lot of South Florida individuals know that Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi is the number one choice if you’re looking for Orthodontist in or near Doral Fl. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is also your best bet if you’re looking for Invisalign clear braces in or near Tamiami, Fl. Should you be an individual who is hoping to get your teeth corrected, you might be evaluating your options like I had been. I chose to get clear braces care because I’m a professional adult. Should you be a an employed adult as i am, you might be trying to figure out whether or not there is a less obvious way to get your teeth fixed minus having to try something as pronounced as metal bracket braces.

Coincidentally, there are clear braces which will give you all of the advantages that you might typically be able to get with bracket braces. However, it will come with additional advantages including being able to take out your clear braces aligners when you are eating. This ultimately contributes to better oral hygiene, since you will have the capability to completely clean your teeth once you eat. And with this, you won’t have brackets interrupting flossing. It is only a more sensible choice for most people. Provided that you certainly are a candidate for clear braces, you ought to strongly contemplate it over old-fashioned braces as it can provide you many advantages that you simply would not obtain with brackets.

I’m Actually Allowing The Children Select From Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

I’m really going to let my children pick between clear braces vs metal braces. I wasn’t granted any sort of input to the dental choices influencing me when I was young, and although my teeth wound up perfectly fine, I always sort of disliked not having any power over determining what happened to me and my body till I was out of the home.

My partner was actually surprised at the proposal we let our kids have say in their oral therapy. I advised her that the clear braces our orthodontist uses are every bit as good and effective as the metal variants, so there is no negotiating the fitness of our kids.

Additionally, our insurance for dental means we would pay the same cash out of pocket for any option too. I’m only doing this as the two situations are true. I’m not letting the children ruin my banking account or damage their own health.

The situation simply is, they are all heading into their adolescent years, and they need to learn how to make conclusions for themselves if I can permit them. Matruity will strike them soon enough, and I want them to be able to manage. That’s especially true about our girls, who need to eventually learn that they choose what goes on with their bodies. So, now that you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Orthodontist near Coral Gables Fl but also the go to orthodontic practice for clear braces in or near Tamiami, we look forward to serving you. Please, call as at (305) 820-6800. If you like additional details about the services offered by Miami Lakes Orthodontics, please stop by our Invisalign blog.

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When should I first take my kid to see an orthodontist?

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Parents frequently ask the same questions.  One of the more popular ones is just how early we can tell if a child needs braces.   Typically your child’s pediatric dentist will let a parent know if they see something worth checking with an orthodontic specialist.  However, a good rule of thumb is for parents to take their kid for their first orthodontic check-up by the age of 7.  This is not only my recommendation but also the official recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics. This first check-up is an essential step in helping to ensure that your child’s teeth are off to a great start and that they will have a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

By taking your child to an orthodontist at the age of 7, we are able to examine them and see details that you may not be able to see on your own. By this age, children’s teeth should have developed to the point that we can diagnose even minor problems that may be connected with such things as emerging teeth or jaw growth. For most 7-year-olds, their first visit to the orthodontist is a basic check-up.  However, for  a small percentage of children, about 5 to 10 percent can benefit from early childhood treatment which is what we refer to as “interceptive orthodontics.” Some of the potentially dangerous issues that we can possibly find and correct, include:

  • Jaw alignment issues such as underbite, crossbite, abnormal jaw growth, etc.
  • Impacted teeth: teeth that are blocked from coming down
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Gum tissue recession

By properly correcting these problems at an early age, we also help to improve possible social issues where children may be the victim of teasing or bullying. In fact, studies have proven that the #1 reason that bullying occurs to a particular child is due to the appearance of their teeth. A child’s smile can have a huge impact on their happiness and social acceptance as they grow.  With a healthy and beautiful smile, your child has a much better opportunity to be confident and gain social acceptance.

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