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Just about everyone know that Dr. Briceño Crespi is the number one choice if you’re looking for Invisalign near Miami Fl. However, it is important to point out that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is also your best option if you’re looking for Invisalign clear braces in Plantation. When you are someone who is trying to get your teeth fixed, you may be pondering your choices like I did. I decided to obtain clear braces care because I’m a working adult. If you are a a working adult just like me, you are likely trying to figure out whether or not there is a less obvious way to get your teeth straightened without having to get a process as noticeable as old-fashioned bracket braces.

Coincidentally, there are clear braces which will give you every advantage that you might normally be able to have with old-fashioned braces. Still, it may include additional benefits including being able to take out your clear braces aligners if you are eating. This eventually results in better oral hygiene, for you likely will have the capability to completely clean your teeth as soon as you eat. And with this, you won’t have brackets when it comes to flossing. It is only a more sensible choice for most people. Providing you certainly are a applicant for clear braces, you need to strongly consider this over old-fashioned braces as it can offer you many advantages that you simply would not obtain with brackets.

I’m Actually Letting My Kids to Select Between Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

I am actually letting the children select from clear braces vs metal braces. I was not granted any sort of input to the dental choices impacting me when I was younger, and even though my teeth wound up perfectly fine, I always sort of hated lacking any power over shaping what occurred to me and my body until I was out of the home.

My wife was actually surprised at the plan we allow our children to have say in their dental care. I pointed out to her that the clear braces the dentist uses are just as effective and good as the metal types, so there is no negotiating the health of the kids.

Additionally, our dental insurance means we’d spend the same funds out of pocket for any option too. I am just doing this as the two things are true. I am not letting our kids ruin my bank account or damage their own health.

The truth just is, they are all going into their teen years, and they should discover how to make decisions on their own if I can allow them. Adulthood will strike them soon enough, and I desire them to be able to manage. That’s especially true for our daughters, who must ultimately learn that they pick what goes on with their bodies. So, now that you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Invisalign near Hollywood Fl but also the go to orthodontic practice for Invisalign clear braces in or near Plantation, we look forward to serving you. Please, contact as at (305) 820-6800. If you would like more info about the services offered by Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi, please visit our blog!

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How Does Invisalign Work?

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If you are interested in how Invisalign aligners work, you are probably the most curious about how long they will take to straighten your teeth. Your dentist will give you a set of aligners that are fitted specifically to your teeth. They will then alter that set a bit to create a series of increasingly straight aligners. You will swap out sets once every two weeks, in most cases. The number of sets aligner sets you will have will depend on the amount of movement that is needed to fix your teeth.

Braces work by pulling. A combination of wires, brackets, and rubber brands helps to pull teeth into place. Invisalign, on the other hand, works through push. Each aligner will push your teeth in the desired direction a little at a time. Once the process is over, the aligners will have pushed your teeth into place.

Whether braces or Invisalign will be more effective in straightening teeth depends on these forces. The pull force exerted by traditional braces is effective at erupting an impacted tooth, but there are also many instances wherein Invisalign is the obvious choice for reasons that have nothing to do with appearance. Invisalign’s technique is also unique in that it allows direct 360-degree contact with every single tooth in your mouth.

Traditional braces utilize the flex of a distorted wire. As the wire returns to its natural position, force is applied and the teeth move. Invisalign uses force that comes from the flex of resilient plastic. Just like wires are constantly being changed and tightened, aligner trays will have to be changed quite often. This is because the teeth are only able to move a certain amount at a certain speed. This speed and distance are decided based on the physiologic bone remodeling needed and also the nerve and blood vessel migration. This basically means that the farther your teeth have to travel, the more aligners you will have.

As long as the tray fits on your teeth, it is working. If the tray is not able to move your teeth, it will not fit in your mouth. You must not hurry the process. Your teeth can only move at a certain speed. The best thing you can do to quicken the process is to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours out of each day. Bite correction falls under the same rules for Invisalign as it does for traditional braces. The wires and brackets of braces straighten teeth just as the Invisalign aligners do, but neither of these alone is enough to correct your bite. In order to correct your bite, you will most likely need the assistance of rubber bands, expanders, or other devices. These can be used with Invisalign just as they are with traditional braces.

If you are thinking about the choice between Invisalign and traditional braces, we recommend that you contact us for more information on how Invisalign can help you have the smile you’ve always wanted without the pain and shame often caused by traditional braces.

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