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Just about everyone know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is the top choice if you’re looking for Invisalign in Hollywood Fl. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that Lakes Orthodontics is also your best bet if you’re looking for clear braces in or near Flagami Miami. Should you be a person who is hoping to get your teeth straightened, you may well be pondering your alternatives like I did. I made the decision to have clear braces cure as I’m a working adult. If you are a a working adult as i am, you might be attempting to decide whether or not there is a less noticable way to get your teeth straightened short of having to use a process as pronounced as old-fashioned bracket braces.

Luckily, there are clear braces which will offer you all of the advantages which you might normally be able to get with old-fashioned braces. However, it may come with additional advantages including having the capability to take out your clear braces aligners whenever you are eating. This ultimately results in proper dental hygiene, because you will have the capability to thoroughly clean your teeth as soon as you eat. And with this, you won’t have brackets in the way of flossing. It is just a better option for many individuals. So long as you certainly are a candidate for clear braces, you must strongly consider this over traditional braces as it might offer you many advantages that you simply could not have with brackets.

I’m Actually Letting My Children Select Between Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

I’m really going to let my children choose between clear braces vs metal braces. I was not allowed any type of input into the dental decisions impacting me when I was young, and while my teeth ended up perfectly fine, I still sort of hated lacking any power over defining what occurred to me and my body until I was out of the home.

My spouse was definitely surprised at the idea we let our kids have say with their oral therapy. I pointed out to her that the clear braces the orthodontist offers are just as effective and good as the metal types, so there is no negotiating the fitness of our kids.

Additionally, our dental insurance plan means we’d spend the same money out of pocket for any option too. I’m only doing this as the both things are true. I’m not letting my kids ruin my banking account or hurt their own health.

The truth just is, they are all heading into their teen years, and they should learn ways to make conclusions for themselves if I can permit them. Adulthood will be on them soon enough, and I would like them to be able to handle it. That is very true for my girls, who should ultimately learn that they pick what goes on with their bodies. Since, now you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Invisalign in or near Kendall Fl but also the ideal orthodontic practice for clear braces near Flagami Miami, Fl, we look forward to serving you. Please, contact as at (305) 820-6800. If you like additional info about the services offered by Miami Lakes Orthodontics, please visit our Invisalign blog

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Invisalign Vs. Braces For Adults

What Makes An Attractive Smile

Which type of orthodontic treatment should you choose to help you fix your teeth and get the beautiful smile that you have always wanted?

We are seeing more and more adults that are choosing to fix their smile with orthodontic treatment.  In fact, according to the AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) there are more adults in orthodontic treatment today than ever before (about 1.5 million in America alone).  There are several reasons for the increase in adults having orthodontic treatment including advances in technology, which has created new treatment options that are faster, more comfortable and less noticeable than ever before.

Clear aligner technology has had a major impact in the adult orthodontic marketplace as companies such as Invisalign have created alternate methods of fixing your smile without the use of traditional fixed braces.  Invisalign is now one of the most popular forms of orthodontic treatment and has pioneered clear aligner technology and 3-D scanning technology, which are both responsible for many of the advancements in orthodontics.  This is a huge factor in getting adults to commit to orthodontic treatment as according to the AAO one of the largest reasons that adults considering orthodontic treatment were hesitant to fix their teeth had to do with being self-conscious about the way they would look with braces.

With so many treatment options for adults to choose from to fix their teeth we now have a question that is asked everyday in every orthodontic office across the world, “Braces or Invisalign.  Which one should I choose?” Here is a short list of reasons to choose either braces or Invisalign to help you decide for yourself:

Pro’s for braces:

  • Less work day to day for the patient. Braces are fixed on your teeth so once the orthodontist places them on your teeth you are not having to worry about wearing the braces and getting your desired result.  Invisalign on the other hand needs to be taken off to eat and brush which means that you can forget to put them back on your teeth.  The #1 problem that patients have with Invisalign is compliance.  Adults often forget to wear the aligners, which will delay treatment and results.
  • Braces tend to be less expensive than Invisalign. This can definitely change from office to office as prices are not fixed but overall this seems to be true as Invisalign is on average $500 more expensive. 
  • Braces can correct more issues than Invisalign. This is 100% correct in that braces have been proven to be superior to braces in many complex orthodontic cases.  There are several bite issues that cannot be made by Invisalign or would be extremely difficult to fix using Invisalign. 

Pro’s for Invisalign: 

  • Less noticeable than braces:  In my opinion this is the #1 reason to choose Invisalign.  The Invisalign plastic is very hard to notice unless you are extremely close to the patient’s mouth.
  • Invisalign will not affect what you eat or how you brush your teeth.
  • No emergencies: Braces can separate from teeth or the wires can break which causes additional appointments to fix broken appliances. Invisalign has little to no emergencies but remember that you can lose your aligners, which can also create additional appointments and slow down treatment.

Regardless if you choose braces or Invisalign to fix your smile you should feel confident that you are making a wise investment in yourself by seeking orthodontic treatment.  The AAO reported that 75% of all adult patients reported that after finishing treatment they had improvements in their career and/or their personal relationships.  92% of adults also said that they would recommend orthodontic treatment to others.

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