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Looking for braces in El Portal, Florida? Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Miami Lakes Orthodonitcs is a leading provider of Invisalign and braces in the South Florida area. When you are ready to stop being conscious about her smile contact us today! Braces is a something that many teens have to help adjust their teeth.  Braces are capable of doing a lot more than enhance your smile, but you will have to take the time to care for them correctly.  There are many tips that you need to know about when cleaning your braces; like flossing & brushing.

You must gently wash your braces as well as your teeth to ensure that there is no plaque build-up. To get this done, you need to floss and brush your braces and teeth in the correct way. There are a variety of steps that you must take when doing this. The initial one is to prepare your braces for brushing . To accomplish this, you must remove the bands from the braces as well as any other removable parts.  These parts can become broken once you brush and will cause problems.

You need to clean your braces using your brush.  You have to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to be certain that you clean through the pins and wires. You need to clean each wire from top to bottom and take the time to be certain that you get rid of all the debris and plaque. It is recommended that you start with the braces on your upper teeth followed by the lower teeth. Once you have cleansed the braces, you must cleanse your teeth. Each tooth should be cleansed on it’s on in a circular motion. You need to be careful with the amount of pressure you use when cleaning your teeth and brush the outside and inside top of the teeth.

Once a day, you should floss your teeth. Your orthodontists should demonstrate to you the simplest way to floss around the braces which you have. You should adhere to these steps and make use of the flossing product which has been created for use with braces.  Once you finish flossing, you should rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash. You should then inspect your braces and teeth in the mirror to find spots which you could have missed.  If you locate any, you have to clean that area again to ensure that your braces are well looked after.

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics as Your El Portal Orthodontist?

Throughout the time you have your braces, you need to regularly visit your dentist. This can help you keep your braces and ensure that are set correctly.  Routine changes will likely be done through the time you wear the braces and you might experience a little tightness during these times.

These visits may also give your orthodontist the ability to make certain your braces are still in excellent condition. If you notice anything odd on your braces, you need to inform the dentist when you see them. Difficulties with the braces is sometimes fixed fairly quickly if they are caught early and they might not give you pain. There are several tips that you need to learn about when taking care of your braces. Cleaning your braces and teeth correctly is important and you must take time to accomplish this the right way. You should also be truthful with your orthodontist with regards to and issues that you have. If you would like additional info about the El Portal orthodontic treatment offered by Dr. Carmen Briceño-Crespi of Lakes Ortho check out at our blog.

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3 key steps to having success with Invisalign

Orthodontist Vs. Dentist

Every day millions of teens and adults look in the mirror and are unhappy with their smile.  A person’s smile is their most basic form of positive expression and is vital to having self-confidence.  If you cannot smile with confidence and find yourself hiding your smile in conversations and pictures then you are handicapping yourself in your daily life. With so many options for orthodontic treatment, there is no longer any reason for you to continue living your life not being confident in your smile. Today I am going to focus on a very popular treatment for teens and adults, which is Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.

 3 key steps to having success with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen:

1) Choose the very best doctor for your treatment.
The #1 thing that you can do to make sure that you are making the right decision for your Invisalign treatment is to choose the best doctor to consult, prescribe and treat you with your Invisalign.  Make sure that they are a board-certified orthodontic specialist.  These are the most highly skilled and trained doctors in the world and they will give you the best opportunity for success. Also, do your own research.  Read reviews, speak with actual patients and visit the office and make sure that this is a place where you feel comfortable.

2) Make sure that the results that you want to achieve are realistic with Invisalign treatment.
Invisalign is a great form of treatment to fix several issues such as crowding or gaps but it is not a magical treatment that can fix everything.  Make sure that you are very clear with your orthodontist on what results you want to achieve.  If you are not going to be happy after spending the time and money with your Invisalign treatment it is much better to figure that out on the initial consultation with the orthodontist and not after 12-24 months!

3) Compliance.  You have to be willing to do your part or Invisalign will not work.
Know yourself and commit to the treatment before you start the treatment.  Make sure that the Invisalign treatment plan is something that you are willing to comply with or you will waste your time and money.  You will have the ability to take off your aligners, which is what makes Invisalign great, but it can be a double-edged sword if you do not put them back on after you eat and brush.  Most adults do not have issues with this but if you know that you are not going to wear them and that you will most likely keep them in your pocket then ask the orthodontist to show you different options for your treatment.

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