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More often than not families stop by our website seeking info on Braces Brackets in North Dade. That is great, because as a top provider for standard braces but also Invisalign in Dade and Broward County we don’t take for grante the trust you have place on us. If it happens that you’re seaching for Braces Brackets in North Dade, we ask that you contact us to scehdule a FREE no obligation consultation. That has not always been the case but lately we have seen a lot of people choose cheap over quality. We know that is you meet Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi at Lakes Orthodontics, you will understand why we are so highly reagarded by pareants in Dade and Broward County!

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Searching for Braces Brackets in North Dade? Dr. Carmen Briceño, South Florida’s best rated orthodontist for not only standard braces but clear braces too…

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4 Techniques for Finding the Ideal Orthodontist in North Dade

Lakes Orthodontics helps both children and adults achieve healthy and effectively aligned teeth; so, you should not hurry to pick an orthodontist. Finding the ideal orthodontist is a little bit difficult nowadays. This is due to the cutting-edge orthodontic choices who have broadened the range of possible providers. Here are some most effective methods for finding the right orthodontist.

  1. Demand References: Requesting references is one of the best ways of choosing the right orthodontist. Once you learn oral surgeons within your community, request commedations. Additionally, other primary dentists will help you find the appropriate orthodontist. Many oral surgeons and oral surgeons maintain relationships with orthodontists. Which is why, they refer orthodontists they have worked with and trust.
  1. Insurance Accepted: Some orthodontists might not exactly take your types insurance. To discover the right orthodontist, ask them if they accept your plan. This will be significant in case your medical care includes orthodontics. So, you will need an orthodontist that can use your insurance. Once you find a list of local orthodontists, contact them. Ask them if they take your dental insurance. Also, make sure of this with the insurance firm.
  1. Look at their Dental Office

Go to the office of the local orthodontists you are looking for choosing. Visiting their offices can help you find an orthodontist you might be more comfortable with. An effective orthodontist works within a contemporary and fresh facility. And also the employees are helpful and always in a pleasant mood. Ensure you are relaxed in this office because you will have to visit that facility regularly.

  1. Look for Reviews: Website reviews will help you find the appropriate orthodontist. Some websites might have reviews of numerous orthodontists. You should, visit websites like these and browse their reviews. The very best orthodontists will have good reviews. Be sure the orthodontist was rated favorably by most patients. Do not forget to check grievances against these orthodontists. Avoid those that have lots of grievances.

Those are the best techniques for finding the right orthodontist in North Dade but if you still require additiona information we encorage to visit our blog. A good number of friends {looking for|seaching for|seaching the internet, tell us that found the info we have not only about Braces Brackets in North Dade but also Orthodontist Pinewood Fl. Finding the best orthodontist in North Dade may take doing some homework Lakes Orthodontics an award winning, board certified orthodontist with more than twelve thousand cases to het name is always a great starting point.

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How do I know if I should choose braces or Invisalign to fix my teeth?

Orthodontist in Homestead, Fl.

My name is Alex Crespi and I am the proud co-founder of Lakes Orthodontics.  I have the privilege of working with my beautiful wife who just so happens to be an award winning orthodontic specialist, Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi. Together we have helped over 11,000 people to raise their self-esteem and achieve a beautiful smile through our orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign. One of the most exciting parts of my career is to be able to sit down with patients and listen to their story and help them to find a solution to fix their smile.

One of the most frequent questions that I get from our adult patients has to do with helping them to decide on which type of treatment they should choose. I often hear, “OK Alex, I know that I want to fix my teeth but how do I know if I should choose braces or Invisalign?” This isn’t always a simple choice as there are several things to consider when choosing your treatment type.

How to choose between braces or Invisalign?

First of all, are you a candidate for Invisalign? Many times patients will come into our office and want to have Invisalign treatment to fix their teeth.  However, before we prescribe Invisalign, we always have to make sure that the patient would be best treated with Invisalign.  We have to make sure that we can accomplish our treatment goals with Invisalign prior to offering the treatment.  In order to make sure that Invisalign treatment is possible we take a quick exam and X-ray in the office.  This allows us to be 100% certain that we are offering you the best solution to fix your smile and accomplish your goals.

If you are in fact a candidate for Invisalign, the next question should be do prefer to use braces or Invisalign. The reason to choose one treatment over the other should be based on what you feel will work best for your lifestyle and budget as well as the level of involvement/responsibility that you want to take on with your treatment.  I have listed some of the pros and cons to both braces and Invisalign to help you make your decision.

Why choose Invisalign over braces:

  • Appearance – Invisalign is clear and virtually unnoticeable to other people. Your appearance will stay almost identical, as you will not have braces on your teeth.
  • Eating – You will eat exactly the same way that you do not with Invisalign as you simply take off the aligners to eat your food. Braces can make eating a bit more tedious.
  • Hygiene – Cleaning your teeth with Invisalign is exactly the same as cleaning your teeth right now. You simply take off the aligners to brush , floss and rinse your teeth.
  • Comfort – No wires or braces in your mouth makes Invisalign more comfortable as nothing is rubbing against your lips or cheeks.
  • No risk of injury playing sports – Invisalign is definitely safer for athletes as there is no risk of having metal braces that can potentially cut the lips or cheeks if there is an impact.
  • No emergency appointments for broken braces – Many patients and parents like that Invisalign does not have emergency appointments for broken braces or appliances.

Why choose braces over Invisalign:

  • Less daily responsibility – Patients wearing braces do not have to worry about taking them off and putting them back on as they have to do with Invisalign. Once the braces are put on the teeth they are doing their job and moving your teeth towards the final position.  Invisalign only works when it is on your teeth and not wearing them for enough time (22 hours per day) can delay treatment results.
  • No opportunity for losing aligners and delaying results – Losing or misplacing your Invisalign aligners can slow down your treatment results and cause delays in your overall treatment time.
  • Not having to take Invisalign on and off frequently for eating and drinking – Many patients say that although they have to be a bit more cautious when eating and drinking with braces they still prefer braces over Invisalign because they can eat and drink most things without having to take off their braces. With Invisalign, you have to take off the aligners when eating or drinking (except water) which can become frustrating.
  • Parents like to have control over their kids treatment – Many parents prefer braces over Invisalign as it takes away the opportunity for their kids to be non-compliant. “How will I know if my son or daughter is actually wearing the aligners?”
  • Braces are more effective for complex issues – Although Invisalign has made great advancements in tooth movement technology, braces can accomplish more complex movements than Invisalign.

I hope that this information was helpful in clearing up some of the differences in both braces and Invisalign.  It is important to remember that regardless of which type of treatment you prefer you should always start your process by getting the opinion of an orthodontic specialist.  A board certified orthodontist has years of specialized training and experience and can help you to understand your options and get a proper diagnoses.  To find a board certified orthodontist near you simply use the orthodontic locator tool found on the ABO website.

If you are in or near Miami Florida then simply visit us, (address here) or call 305-820-6800 and schedule your free initial exam and X-ray today.  Contact Lakes Orthodontics and always remember to smile with confidence!

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