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A lot of families throughout Dade and Broward counties in search of Cheap Braces in Miami knows that Dr. Briceño Crespi is the one to go to. However, not a lot of families realize that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is also the ideal orthodontic practice for clear braces in or near Westchester. When you are someone who is considering whether or not you must purchase clear braces, you will probably be curious about determining exactly what is the thrill of clear braces. Clear braces are truly unique because they provide you with each of the value of traditional braces without having to deal with some of the bad results of this.

Since they could actually be precisely made and modeled for your teeth, it will be easy to find out exactly what type of transformation your teeth are experiencing throughout the course of your treatment at the exact time. This is certainly something which is actually impossible to do while you are working with traditional braces.

Metal braces are not only on your teeth during the total span of the treatment, but they call for considerably more maintenance as well. You will need to check your orthodontist more frequently to get your braces and brackets adjusted time after time. If you are searching for the more precise approach to fixing your teeth, there is just no better way to go about it than trying clear braces technology. The results that you get would be higher and the entire process is much cooler and more convenient in general.

Getting a Invisalign Clear Braces Supplier in Westchester

Choosing a Invisalign clear braces provider is a thing that you might need to do. I just learned that my older son is going to require braces, and I am fairly certain the younger one will require them also. Our dentist is not sure yet, but after assessing my teeth and my husband’s teeth, it is expected that they all will have to get then as well.

I found myself hoping the dentist we chose for the first kid could be around to see every one of them mature, but apparently he’s leaving the job quicker than we thought he might and is now moving to Florida. We did not plan on having a lot of children or the last child coming so unexpectedly.

I will absolutely be finding a supplier who offers clear braces, though, because I will not have my kids suffer the horrid old-fashioned braces I had to put up with in my own youth.  If I remember correctly, the season I was expecting to have now looked bad enough in the beginning, however it wound up being three years of low self-esteem and misery. I still don’t want to smile with my lips are apart as an adult.

My kids will receive clear braces in order to have an easier time. It’ll make their lives simpler, and truly mine easier as well. Since, now you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Orthodontist near Cutler Bay Fl but also the ideal orthodontic practice for clear braces near Westchester, Fl, we look forward to serving you. Please, contact as at (305) 820-6800. If you would like more information about the services offered by Lakes Orthodontics, please take a look our blog

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How do braces get placed on my teeth?

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Do braces hurt to put on my teeth?

This topic may seem a bit elementary to many at first glance, but I get these questions all the time at my orthodontic practice.  Over the years we have performed over 10,000 orthodontic treatments and although everyone’s case is unique we get a lot of very similar fears, concerns and questions.   Most people have seen braces on someone they know before they come to our office, but they really don’t understand how they work or how they get on the teeth to begin with.  Patients will look at the model teeth with braces on them on top of the consultation table and ask me, “How is it that braces actually work?  How do they get on my teeth?  Do you screw them on?”

How do braces work?  

Braces have come a very long way since they were invented in 1728There have been several advancements in orthodontics that have made braces smaller, less noticeable, more comfortable and now they even come in a variety of materials and colors.  The way most modern braces work today is that an orthodontic specialist (a dental specialist who is an expert in moving teeth and correcting bites) takes measurements and X-rays to determine the exact need of the patient and develops a treatment plan for the patient.  Based on this plan the orthodontist then prepares the surface of the teeth (basically cleans the teeth with a highspeed toothbrush) and then places the brackets (braces) on the teeth by cementing (dental adhesive) them on the teeth and then curing them with a special light in order to bond them together.  There is no screwing and most of the time there are no metal rings that have to be fit around the teeth unless there are special appliances that need to be anchored to the teeth.  An archwire (typically a metal wire) is then tied to the braces to connect them together and begin the process of applying pressure to the teeth in order to get them to move in the intended direction.  After the braces are put on teeth in the initial appointment then the braces and wires will be monitored and adjusted by the orthodontist periodically (typically every 4-6 weeks) until the teeth and bite are correct.  The entire process typically ranges from 12-24 months, but this can change based on the needs of the patient and the difficulty of the case.  After braces, the patients’ teeth and the bite should be in their ideal location and retainers will be made to fit the final position of the teeth.

Do braces hurt to put on my teeth?

Putting braces on your teeth does not hurt.  As mentioned above the braces are not screwed onto the teeth as they are glued/cemented to the teeth which requires very little pressure and is typically not painful.  The pain or soreness that some patients feel does not occur during the process of putting on the braces.  The discomfort that some patients describe is caused by the movement of the teeth that occurs after the braces are placed on the teeth.  The pain is typically felt for a few days and then the patient becomes accustomed to the braces.  There are plenty of tricks that patients can use to minimize the pain felt on the initial 2-3 day period of soreness such as a braces friendly diet, taking an aspirin and/or using plenty of orthodontic wax on the braces.  Braces take a little getting used to but the benefit of having a beautiful smile for a lifetime far outweighs the initial discomfort.

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