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Just about everyone around Dade and Broward counties looking for Invisalign near Davie Fl is aware that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is the one to call. With that said not a lot of families realize that Lakes Orthodontics is also the go to orthodontic practice for Invisalign clear braces in Tamiami, Fl. If you are someone that is considering if you must invest in clear braces, you will likely be interested in learning exactly what is the allure of clear braces. Clear braces are really special because they provide you with all of the success of old-style braces minus having to deal with a few of the undesirable results of it.

Since they could well be precisely made and modeled for your teeth, it is possible to see exactly which kind of transformation your teeth are experiencing throughout the course of your treatment in the exact time. This really is something which is actually not possible to accomplish when you are handling traditional braces.

Traditional braces are not only attached to your teeth throughout the entire course of the therapy, nonetheless they require considerably more up-keep also. You need to see your orthodontist more regularly to have your brackets and braces adjusted consistently. When you are seeking another more precise method of fixing your teeth, there is just no better choice to go about it except for having clear braces technology. The results that you get will be better and the whole process is much easier and more suitable overall.

Getting a Invisalign Clear Braces Supplier in Tamiami

Locating a Invisalign clear braces supplier is one thing that you might have to do. I know that my oldest daughter will have to get braces, and I am pretty certain the other one will have to get them also. Our dentist isn’t certain yet, but after checking my husband’s and I teeth, it’s likely that they all will require then too.

I had been wishing the dentist we found with this first kid can be available to witness every one of them grow up, but seemingly he’s leaving the job faster than anyone thought he would and is now relocating to another state. We also didn’t consider having as many kids or the last kid arriving so unexpectedly.

I will absolutely be choosing a source which offers clear braces, however, because I will not have my children experience the dreadful traditional braces I had to put up with as a child.  If I remember correctly, the time I was supposed to have them seemed depressing enough in the beginning, nevertheless it ended up being 3 years of little self-confidence and misery. I still do not want to smile with my lips are apart as an adult.

My kids can get clear braces to enable them to have no trouble. It’ll make their lives easier, and truly mine easier as well. Since, now you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Orthodontist in Miami Beach Fl but also the ideal orthodontic practice for clear braces near Tamiami, Florida, we look forward to hearing from you. Please, call as at (305) 820-6800. If you like additional info about the services offered by Lakes Orthodontics, please check out our dental braces blog

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Invisalign! Does it really work?

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What is the truth about Invisalign, Smile Direct Club and all of these new braces that I am seeing on-line and on TV?

A few weeks ago at a birthday party, I had a few people walk up to me and ask me, “Does Invisalign really work?  To which I replied, “Well, it depends.  In many cases it does work but it cannot fix every problem that someone has with their smile.  We have literally helped thousands of people to get great results with their smile using Invisalign but there have also been thousands of cases that the patient wanted to use Invisalign but we had to use braces or a combination of braces and Invisalign to correct all of their issues.  Orthodontic treatment should always be based on the exact needs of the individual patient.  Everyone has a unique situation when it comes to their smile as well as their lifestyle.  A good orthodontist should help the patient to determine if they need treatment in the first place and find the best solution for that patient based on their needs and preferences.  It should never be a case where the treatment is based on something someone saw on TV unless the solution on TV is the best course of action for the patient.  That being said, if someone comes into the office and they want Invisalign and we can get them the results that they want then I am all for helping them with Invisalign.

They seemed satisfied with my answer to their Invisalign question and then moved on to ask me another question about yet another commercial that they had seen repeatedly on TV for an at home, D.I.Y. Invisalign.  I asked them, “Do you think it is a smart idea to treat your smile at home?  Are you pretty confident in your skills as an orthodontist?”  We all laughed as someone’s wife mentioned that they couldn’t even make chocolate chip cookies out of a box so imagine how their teeth would come out if they tried to do their own Invisalign.  A woman then replied with the perfect response, which was, “My teeth are so important to me as I smile everyday of my life and in every situation of my life.  I smile at home with my husband and kids to show them love and affection.  I smile at work with my co-workers and clients to let them know that I am happy or that I agree with what they are saying.  My smile is just too important to leave to chance.  When it comes to my smile I want to make sure that I have a the very best person helping me to get the best results.  A discount, D.I.Y. smile is just not worth it to me”.   I simply replied, Amen”.

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