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People around Dade and Broward counties looking for Orthodontist in or near Miami Fl is aware that Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi is the one to go to. However, not a lot of families realize that Lakes Orthodontics is also the ideal orthodontic practice for Invisalign clear braces in or near Lighthouse Point. If you are someone who is considering whether or not you should put money into clear braces, you will likely be curious about knowing just what is the allure of clear braces. They are really unique since they give you every success of old-style braces without dealing with a few of the bad outcomes from it.

Since they could well be precisely formed and modeled for your personal teeth, it will be easy to see exactly which kind of change your teeth are experiencing during the course of your treatment in the exact time. This really is something which is actually extremely hard to complete when you are working with old-style braces.

Old-style braces are not only on your teeth during the whole length of the treatment, but they demand considerably more maintenance as well. You need to see your orthodontist more frequently to get your brackets and braces tightened again and again. When you are looking for the more clear-cut means of fixing your teeth, there might be just no better way of going about it except for trying clear braces technology. The results that you get could be higher and the whole process is much simplier and more expedient overall.

Getting a Invisalign Clear Braces Provider in Lighthouse Point

Finding a Invisalign clear braces provider is something that you have to do. I already know that my elder child will have to get braces, and I am fairly sure the younger one will require them as well. The dentist isn’t certain yet, but after checking my teeth and my husband’s teeth, it is possible that they all will need then as well.

I had been wishing the dentist we picked with this first child could be around to see them all becom adults, but apparently he’s leaving the job quicker than anyone believed he might and is now moving to another state. We did not consider having as many kids or even the last child coming so late.

I will definitely be locating a source that offers clear braces, however, as I will not have my kids endure the dreadful traditional braces I had to put up with as a child.  If I remember correctly, the season I was thought to have now looked depressing enough in the beginning, but it wound up being 3 years of little self-woth and agony. I still do not like to smile with my lips open as an adult.

My kids is certain to get clear braces so they can have an easier time. It’ll make their lives easier, and truly mine easier too. Since, now you know that Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Braces in or near Hollywood Fl but also the go to orthodontic practice for Invisalign clear braces in or near Lighthouse Point, Fl, we look forward to serving you. Please, contact as at (305) 820-6800. If you like additional info about the services offered by Dr. Carmen Crespi, please stop by our blog

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Faster Better Invisalign Results

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For most people, going to the orthodontist is not considered as dreadful as going to the dentist.  However, if you ask kids, teens, and adults what is one thing you hate about going to the orthodontist and they will almost unanimously say “dental impressions!”

For most people, going to the orthodontist is not considered as dreadful as going to the dentist.  However, if you ask kids, teens, and adults what is one thing you hate about going to the orthodontist and they will almost unanimously say “dental impressions!”

Dental Impression – is the procedure by which a putty-like clay compound is deposited in a device called a tray. The tray is then placed in your mouth, and once you bite down on it, a negative imprint of your dental arch is created. From this imprint, a positive reproduction can be cast. Dental impressions are used throughout the dental industry quite frequently. Their most common application include the creation of mouth guards, whitening trays, retainers, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, and dental models, among other things. Although better technology now exists, many dentists insist on using them because they are cheap and easy to use even if they don’t provide the best patient experience.

At Lakes Orthodontics, we opt not to use “old school” dental impressions. We find them to be an antiquated technology dating back the 1800’s, they are not as accurate as digital impressions, and for sure not a favorite with patients. Because of this, we have invested in an iTero, Intraoral Scanner by Align Technology, Inc.

The iTero, Intraoral Scanner is a revolutionary high precision, digital, dental scanning device developed to improve not only the time it takes to fit braces and Invisalign but also its accuracy. With the iTero, Intraoral Scanner Invisalign ClinCheck (modeling procedure) setups are 50% faster, there are 10X fewer rejections, 7X fewer fit issues and more important to us a better patient experience. Not only that but at Lakes Orthodontics we can actually show you an image of how their teeth may look after Invisalign treatment!

There are many reasons why families and individuals from Aventura to Doral, from Pembroke Pines to Miami Gardens and Hialeah chose Lakes Orthodontics for their braces and Invisalign! Our iTero digital dental scanning technology is just one of them!

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