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Everyone around South Florida in search of Braces in Fort Lauderdale Fl is aware that Dr. Carmen Crespi is the one to go to. With that said not too many families realize that Dr. Carmen Crespi is also the ideal orthodontic practice for Invisalign clear braces in or near Fontainebleau, Fl. Should you be someone who is considering if you should put money into clear braces, you will likely be curious about figuring out precisely what is the magic of clear braces. Clear braces are really unique mainly because they provide you every effectiveness of traditional braces minus dealing with a few of the negative outcomes from it.

As they can well be precisely cut out and modeled for your teeth, it is possible to find out exactly what type of change your teeth will experience throughout the course of your treatment on the exact time. This is something which is simply extremely hard to accomplish when you are working with traditional braces.

Traditional braces are not just on your teeth throughout the complete course of the treatment, however they call for far more up-keep as well. You need to visit your orthodontist more often to get your braces and brackets tightened always. When you are seeking a more precise method of straightening your teeth, there may be simply no better way to go about it other than trying clear braces technology. The results that you receive will be superior and the entire process is much easier and more convenient overall.

Choosing a Invisalign Clear Braces Provider in Fontainebleau

Finding a Invisalign clear braces source can be something that you may need to do. I know already that my elder child will require braces, and I am pretty sure the younger one will have to get them also. The dentist isn’t positive yet, but after seeing my teeth and my husband’s teeth, it is likely that they all are going to require then also.

I had been wishing the dentist we found with this first kid would be around to see all of them grow up, but evidently he is leaving the job quicker than anyone believed he might and is now moving to Florida. We did not intend on having a lot of children or perhaps the last baby arriving so unexpectedly.

I am going to definitely be finding a provider who sells clear braces, though, because I won’t let my children suffer the unpleasant metal braces I had to put up with as a child.  As I recall, the season I was thought to have them looked depressing enough initially, but it wound up being three years of little self-esteem and agony. To this day don’t want to smile while my lips open as an adult.

My kids can get clear braces so they can have an easier time. It’ll make their lives easier, and honestly mine easier as well. So, now that you know that Miami Lakes Orthodontics is not only for Braces in or near Plantation Fl but also the ideal orthodontic practice for clear braces in Fontainebleau, Florida, we look forward to serving you. Please, contact as at (305) 820-6800. If you would like additional info about the services offered by Dr. Briceño Crespi, please stop by our orthodontic treatment blog

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When should I first take my kid to see an orthodontist?

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Parents frequently ask the same questions.  One of the more popular ones is just how early we can tell if a child needs braces.   Typically your child’s pediatric dentist will let a parent know if they see something worth checking with an orthodontic specialist.  However, a good rule of thumb is for parents to take their kid for their first orthodontic check-up by the age of 7.  This is not only my recommendation but also the official recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics. This first check-up is an essential step in helping to ensure that your child’s teeth are off to a great start and that they will have a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

By taking your child to an orthodontist at the age of 7, we are able to examine them and see details that you may not be able to see on your own. By this age, children’s teeth should have developed to the point that we can diagnose even minor problems that may be connected with such things as emerging teeth or jaw growth. For most 7-year-olds, their first visit to the orthodontist is a basic check-up.  However, for  a small percentage of children, about 5 to 10 percent can benefit from early childhood treatment which is what we refer to as “interceptive orthodontics.” Some of the potentially dangerous issues that we can possibly find and correct, include:

  • Jaw alignment issues such as underbite, crossbite, abnormal jaw growth, etc.
  • Impacted teeth: teeth that are blocked from coming down
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Gum tissue recession

By properly correcting these problems at an early age, we also help to improve possible social issues where children may be the victim of teasing or bullying. In fact, studies have proven that the #1 reason that bullying occurs to a particular child is due to the appearance of their teeth. A child’s smile can have a huge impact on their happiness and social acceptance as they grow.  With a healthy and beautiful smile, your child has a much better opportunity to be confident and gain social acceptance.

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