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Anybody searching for Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens needs to take into consideration Lakes Ortho. This is key because in recent times credentials has taken a back seat to cost. But just like you will not hire a electrocian to fix your phone you shouldn’t hire a dentist or go to a family dentist when you are looking for Crooked Teeth Specialist.

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When looking for Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens call Lakes Orthodontics, South Florida’s premier orthodontist for not only standard braces but Invisalign too…

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The Difference Between a Dentist vs an Award Winning Orthodontist Specialist

Dental Practitioners and orthodontists have many similarities. To begin with, they are dentists. Both of them spend time in universities to earn their bachelor degree in dentistry. They cope with the oral hygiene of their patients. An orthodontist has the ability to give the same care as a general dentist however a family dentist is not able provide the same level of care as an Orthodontist. Thus there are many essential differences between an orthodontist vs a dentist.

An orthodontist needs to take additional schooling in comparison to a dentist. This is done for him or her to serve as a specialist dentist in orthodontics. This is just like a doctor having to obtain additional schooling to work as surgeon. A general dentist completes a basic dental degree. An orthodontist, however, has to finish this same dental degree in addition to getting a specialist degree which takes an extra 3 years.

A dentist offers an array of services which include repairing teeth and dental cleaning. A dentist can provide gum care, fillings, and whitening teeth. He/She could perform dental servies on crown, veneers, and bridges. An orthodontist is actually a an authority in jaw and jaw alignment. Orthodontic services works well for dental development.

Another distinction between a dentist vs an orthodontist is that dentists transfer patients with assorted dental complications to orthodontists. Dentists are are not qualified to give orthodontic care. Cases such as fitting braces and invisalign, teeth alignment, improving an overbite or under bite must be fowarded to an orthodontist.

A dental office can annalyse and treat diseases of the teeth, and gums. He or she offers dental services to patients of all ages. An orthodontist diagnose and treats bad bites, crooked teeth, and poorly aligned jaws. They offer this care to clients of every age group.

In dentistry, different services are offered by a dentist vs an orthodontist. You have to go to an orthodontist for orthodontic care, which won’t be supplied by a dentist who is not qualified. And, you should see a dentist for general dental hygiene. Both dentists and orthodontists play important roles in dental care. You need to make an informed decision when choosing which one to use. Regardless of what we tell you it would not be smart to trsut what our site says is something you should and that is why we recommend you check out our testimonials. A great number of families select Lakes Orthodontics for Orthodontist Broward County over thousands of local orthodontist specialists. Nevertheless, if you would like more info about Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens check out at our blog, where you will find several articles on not on;y Crooked Teeth Specialist but a lot of other topics concerning everyone trying to get Invisalign…

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The impact of your child’s smile on their overall life.

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Why braces are a great investment for your kid’s future.

I am the proud parent of two beautiful daughters and the co-owner of a successful orthodontic practice in Miami Lakes, Florida.  This has brought me an amazing opportunity to interact with thousands of families in my community and gain insight into family relationships and parenting from many different points of view.   Throughout the years of helping families in my office, I have found that there are a vast number of family dynamics and parenting styles. I have parents that are very hands-on with their children and tend to be there with them at every step of treatment and there are also parents that like to give their kids space and let them go through the process more on their own.  I do not believe that there is a single correct way to raise your child, but I have noticed that regardless of the parenting style there are certain universal truths in parenting.  We all want the best opportunities for our kids and we all want to see our kids succeed.

Whether it be in school, an activity or just life in general. Parents often echo the same sentiment which is, “I just want my kid to be happy, successful and become the very best version of themselves.”  As parents, we find several ways to invest in our kids future wellbeing: education, health, fitness, diet, pre-paid college, etc.  Although I too invest in all of these areas for my two daughters future I have found that investing in your child’s smile is often overlooked by parents and just as important in giving them the opportunity to succeed.

Your child being confident in their smile and appearance is one of the most empowering things that you can give your child.  The smile has been studied for years and it has been directly correlated to self-confidence, self-worth, happiness and a variety of other psychological, social, and health-related impacts.  Making sure that your child has a healthy and beautiful smile is paramount in providing the best opportunity for success for your child.  An orthodontist needs to be a part of your parenting plan as they are the specialist that is best suited to help educate you and your child about their smile and make sure that your child is smiling with confidence.  Here are a few points on the impact that your child’s smile has on them and their life.

Impact of your child’s smile on their life:

  • Psychological: your child’s ability to smile with confidence can have huge psychological impacts on the child as it can directly affect their self-confidence and willingness to show their teeth/smile. Imagine having a smile that you are ashamed to show in public or not wanting to smile for pictures.  When we are happy, we smile. We should all feel confident to smile and not be ashamed by our appearance.
  • Social: Children are going through so many physical changes throughout childhood and are constantly seeing other children in school, clubs, events, etc. This is the time where children are developing social confidence in interacting with others their age and figuring out the general way of the world.  If a child cannot be confident in their smile this can often lead to lack of social interaction due to embarrassment or even worse, it can lead to teasing or bullying.  Based on scientific research the #1 physical attribute that bullies target are abnormal teeth. 
  • Health: Having misaligned teeth or bite issues can lead to several health issues. If teeth are blocked by other misaligned teeth they can often create hygiene issues which can lead to cavities and a variety of other health issues.  In addition, children with large gaps or “bucked teeth” (often found in thumb sucking children) can often cause speech issues in children as the tongue cannot make contact with the teeth and properly pronounce words.  This can often lead to children falling behind in communication and teasing/bullying.

In short, we all want to do what is best for our children and ensure that they are happy and healthy.  Make sure that part of your parenting plan includes taking your child to see an orthodontist by the age of 7 in order to get them checked out by a specialist and ensure that you are giving them the best opportunity to be successful.

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Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens More often than not potential new customers stop by our site seeking info on Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens. We are truly honor about this, because as a leading provider for standard braces and clear braces throughout Dade and Broward County we don’t take lightly the trust you have place on us. If by any chance you are seaching for Crooked Teeth Specialist in Miami Gardens, we [...]