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Searching for orthodontic braces in Pinewood, Fl? Lakes Orthodonitcs is a leading provider of metal and clear aligners in the South Florida area. Not just teens, these days many grown-ups are going that extra step and getting braces, also. Even if it is to fix old dental issues such as closing off gaps or to improve façade, there are a lot of advancements and improvements in orthodontics dentistry today, deeming braces a choice for many people.

Braces essentially fix curved teeth, and this is what we all visualize whenever braces are brought up. By moving the teeth into a correct place using brackets affixed to the teeth and wires that are readjusted over a period of time, it is conceivable to step by step work teeth in to new and better positions. It will take a long time – often years – however, the long term results are well worth it. Typically, braces for children are put in youngsters and adolescences as their teeth are still forming, but today you can get braces to be had by anyone needing to address dental ansieties by realigning their teeth. Braces can do more than help fix someone’s looks, but it can also correct other dental problems that might arise from having jagged teeth or a bad bite. Problems such as excessive tooth decay, untimely enamel wear, crowded teeth, occlusions, and jaw misalignment can all be handled over time using braces.

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics as Your Pinewood Orthodontist?

Orthodontic Braces have a stereotype of being just for children for a few reasons. Many years ago, it was believed that it was only conceivable to amend the position of teeth and correct dental problems with braces as an individual was not as old and their teeth were still growing. This has from then been proven to be a sham, with the point being that even full-grown teeth could be repositioned and bone growth can persist, helping to keep tweaked teeth in their more correct spot.

Plus, as for how awkward and horrid braces used to be, there weren’t lots of grown-ups intent on wearing them. As a normal grown person’s day comprises of working much of the day, and dealing with many different people in a variety of professional and personal conditions, braces were often judged to be rough for the wearer, with many deciding to simply keep their teeth the way they were. But, not only has it been found that it is absolutely possible to fix mature teeth, the health advantages derived from improving dental problems can make it worthwhile at any age. It may take longer for mature teeth to ease into their new locations requiring more mature patients to wear their braces for more time than younger patients, but the benefits still outweigh the downsides.

This is particularly that way since the great, new braces accessable now that people can wear easily, for example Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, and Self-Ligating Braces; also snap-in retainers which needs to be worn certain times of the day and left off others. There are several new braces available for people  of any age to get their teeth adjusted, lending them not only a lovely smile but also the health advantages that go with neet teeth and a right bite. For more information about the Pinewood orthodontic services offered by Dr. Carmen of Lakes Orthodontics, please take a look at our blog.

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What is the best doctor for me to see for my braces or Invisalign treatment in Miami?

Average Cost Of Braces for Kids_
I often get the question, “Who is the best person to help me fix my teeth? Or, what type of doctor or dentist is the right choice for my Invisalign/braces?”  The answer is very simple.  When you have something specific that you need for your dental health such as aligning your teeth or fixing your bite you should always go to an orthodontist.  An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has gone through years of additional training after dental school in order to become an orthodontist.  You must note the distinction that all orthodontists are dentists but general or family dentists are NOT orthodontists.  This is made even more confusing as the AAO (American Association of Orthodontist) has allowed general dentists to advertise that they perform orthodontics!  This is immoral but not illegal which is terrible for the average consumer who has no idea that the dentist they are receiving their consultation and diagnosis from may not be qualified to treat them or their child for braces or Invisalign.

Who is best for the job?

Now, the initial question was “Who is the BEST doctor/dentist to see for braces or Invisalign treatment?”  If you are looking for the best of the best (and I 100% feel that you should consider the importance of your smile or your child’s smile!) then you should look for a board-certified orthodontic specialist.  The only way to know that the dentist that you are going to use is a board-certified orthodontist is to visit the website of the American Board of Orthodontics and check out their Board Certified Orthodontist Locator. This tool allows you to look up the orthodontist you intend to use by Name, City, Zip Code, etc. This is to ensure that you are actually going to use the service of a highly trained and board-certified dentist for your orthodontic treatment.

Today, there are so many dentists advertising that they perform orthodontic treatments and it is very confusing for the consumer.  It’s also costly to the consumer when they find that they have to eventually go to a board-certified orthodontist to repair what was done by their dentist. Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry and it is supposed to be performed by an orthodontist and not any other type of dentist.  It would be similar to going to your family doctor for your checkup and he or she tells you that you have an issue with your heart or skin but instead of referring you to a cardiologist or dermatologist they just go ahead and do everything themselves!  If you would not let your family doctor treat what your cardiologist should; then you should not let your family dentist treat what your orthodontist should.

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