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Looking for orthodontic braces in Miami, Florida? Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Lakes Orthodontics is a leading provider of braces in the South Florida area. Not only for teens and kids anymore, today a lot of adults have been going that extra step and getting braces, also. In case it is to fix longstanding dental issues such as closing off gaps or to improve appearance, there are many developments and improvements in orthodontics dentistry now, naming braces a choice for plenty people.

Braces above all fix curved teeth, and that is what many people visualize when braces are brought up. By realigning the teeth into the correct place using brackets attached to the teeth along with wires that will be tightened up over time, it’s conceivable to slowly move teeth in to new and better positions. It will happen slowly – maybe even years – yet still, its long term consequences might be well worth it. Stereotypically, braces for kids are put on teenagers and minors as their teeth are still forming, but today you can get braces offered to anybody desiring to take care of dental ansieties by realigning their teeth. Braces do more than help fix an individual’s looks, but they also adjust a long list of dental problems that could come from having jagged teeth or a bad bite. Problems such as extreme rotten teeth, untimely enamel wear, packed teeth, blockings, and jawline misalignment could all be handled over time with braces.

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics as Your Miami Orthodontist?

Orthodontic Braces carry a label of being only for kids for some reason. Years ago, it was believed that it was only conceivable to adjust the alignment of teeth and fix dental worries using braces while a person was not as old and their was still in the growing stage. A notion what has from then been comfirmed as bogus, with the fact being that even mature teeth will be repositioned and bone growth could last, serving to keep adjusted teeth in their new and correct spot.

Similarly, because of how bulky and unpleasant braces used to be, there weren’t plently grownups interested in wearing them. Seeing as a typical older person’s day involves being at work much of the day, and dealing with various people in a number of personal and professional situations, braces were often thought to be uncomfortable for the wearer, with many wishing to simply leave their teeth the way they were. However, not only has it been realized that it is entirely possible to adjust mature teeth, the health values received from improving dental issues can make it useful at any age. It can take more time for adult teeth to be edged into their new places requiring more mature patients to wear their dental braces longer than younger people, but the benefits will continue to overshadow the disadvantages.

This is especially so considering the great, new braces available these days that you can wear in ease, such as Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, and Self-Ligating Braces; also snap-in retainers which could be worn certain times of the day and left off others. There are several new braces on hand for individuals  of any age to have their teeth corrected, bestowing on them not only a beautiful smile and the health benefits that go with neet teeth and a correct bite. If you would like additional info about the Miami orthodontic services offered by www.Lakes-Ortho.Com stop by at our clear braces blog.

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Do braces hurt? Does Invisalign hurt?

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What you should expect when you put on your braces or Invisalign.

A question that I get all the time from patients in my orthodontic office is, “Will my braces or Invisalign hurt?” This is actually on most people’s mind when considering braces or Invisalign.  No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you choose you will most likely have some level of pain, soreness or discomfort with your teeth at the beginning of treatment.  However, the discomfort is not typically a sharp pain but instead more like soreness that you feel for the first couple of days when you first start with braces or Invisalign.  Most patients say that the first three days are the toughest and that after that the soreness goes away.   It is also important to remember that pain is subjective and patients have different treatment details that can greatly vary the feeling that a patient feels during treatment.

Tips to help make your braces or Invisalign treatment be less painful:

1) Eat softer foods the first few days of braces.  Often times, the most painful moments when someone first starts their braces or Invisalign is when they eat for the first two or three days.  A very helpful tip is to eat softer foods that do not require your teeth to put a lot of pressure.  For example, you can have mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, applesauce, etc.

2) Use wax to cover any sharp edges on the braces or Invisalign.

3) Use plenty of lip balm or Vaseline the first two days.  Often times the initial appointments leave the lips dry due to having the mouth stretched to put on the braces.  Using moisturizer on the lips can make the lips feel much better and ease the pain of the braces the first few days.

4) Eat something cold like ice cream, a milkshake or a smoothie.  Often times a cold treat can make you feel relief and make you feel rewarded for your braces.  Obviously, do not eat something that can possibly damage your braces or make a mess like caramel, hard nuts, etc.

5) Take a pain reliever.  A very common remedy to the pain tat you feel when you begin your treatment is to take a pain reliever such as Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.   Make sure to avoid anything that can cause an allergy and consult your physician if you are taking any other medications.

It is also important to remember that the pain will get better and that the beautiful smile that will come at the end of treatment is 100% worth the temporary pain.

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