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In search of braces in Gladeview, Fl? Lakes-Ortho is a leading provider of braces in the South Florida area. Not just teens, today a lot of grown-ups have been taking that extra mile and getting braces, also. If it’s to mend long lasting dental problems such as fixing spaces or to improve appearance, there are a lot of advancements and corrections in orthodontics dentistry now, making braces the pick for a lot of people.

Braces mostly fix curved teeth, and it is what we all visualize whenever braces are brought up. By moving the teeth into the correct place by way of brackets fastened to the teeth and wires that are made tighter over time, it is likely to bit by bit maneuver teeth in to new and more normal positions. This might happen slowly – often years – but, its permanent outcome might be well worth it. Typically, braces for kids are put in teenagers and minors while their teeth are still forming, but now you could find braces to be had by anybody wishing to handle dental worries by realigning their teeth. Not only do braces help fix peoples’ appearance, but they also correct other dental worries that could come from possessing jagged teeth or a bad bite. Problems such as extreme tooth decay, untimely enamel wear, packed teeth, blockings, and jaw misalignment can be addressed over time using braces.

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics as Your Gladeview Orthodontist?

Braces carry a label of being just for children for a few reasons. Several years ago, it was believed that it was only conceivable to improve the placement of teeth and mend dental problems through braces as a person was younger and their teeth were still growing. A notion what has from then been proven to be fake, with the point being that even adult teeth will be repositioned and bone growth may last, helping to keep corrected teeth in their more accurate place.

Additionally, as for how large and horrid braces used to be, there weren’t a lot of grown-ups interested in having them. Seeing as a normal grown person’s day includes being at work much of the day, as well as addressing various people in several personal and professional situations, braces were often thought to be rough for who wears it, with the majority preferring to simply keep their teeth as they were. Still, not only has it been established that it is absolutely doable to fix mature teeth, the health values gained from adjusting dental issues could make it advisable at any age. It can take longer for mature teeth to slide into their new places needing more mature patients to wear their dental braces for more time than younger patients, but the advantages will continue to overshadow the downsides.

This is expressly that way considering the great, new braces available today that anyone can wear at ease, for instance Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, and Self-Ligating Braces; and snap-in retainers that can be in place specific times of the day and left off others. There are various new braces existing for individuals  of all age to have their teeth corrected, giving them more than a lovely smile and the health advantages that go with neet teeth and a correct bite. For more information in regards to the Gladeview orthodontic services offered by Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Lakes-Ortho.Com visit at our blog.

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The top 3 things that make you look attractive or unattractive when it comes to your smile!


Are you having a hard time with your appearance? Are you looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Do you think you are not attractive enough? Are you questioning what you can change about yourself? Are you questioning what you can do or change so that people will find you attractive? Some people immediately think about losing weight. There is no need to transform your entire body. Why not just focus on your smile. A beautiful smile can make you feel attractive and therefore boost your confidence. Think on these three points below.

  • Healthy teeth (bad oral hygiene, plaque, discolored or missing teeth)

Good oral hygiene is a basic necessity for your teeth to be attractive.  If you are missing teeth, have discolored or plaque covered teeth then are obvious that people who look at you will be put off by your appearance and find you unattractive.  A study called ‘POWER OF THE SMILE’ showed that people with an unattractive smile were perceived to be less trustworthy and less intelligent than people with a healthy attractive smile.

  • Crooked teeth (misalignment of teeth)

Not having the proper alignment of your teeth is detrimental not only to your look (symmetry of your smile) but also to your ability to properly clean and take care of your teeth. If your teeth are crooked it means that you do not have proper spacing in between teeth and this can cause some of your tooth surface to be unreachable by your toothbrush. This can then lead to tooth disease and problems such as bad breath, plaque buildup, cavities, bone loss, gum disease, and even tooth loss!

  • Facial imbalance (teeth not landing properly or midline being off-centered)

The face and body are created with bilateral symmetry. This means that if you were to draw a straight line down the middle of the body from the head, you would have two equal sides. Each side would have one ear, eye, eyebrow, arm, leg, etc. This symmetry is one of the things that our subconscious mind looks for when looking at other people, and determining if they are attractive. The face also has its own symmetry, which is divided, in the middle of your face by your nose. Your teeth are also subject to the same symmetrical eye test.  The mouth is supposed to have 28 permanent teeth (not including wisdom teeth). Your central or “front teeth” are supposed to be in a central position among your teeth and your face.  Again, the whole bilateral symmetry concept comes into play with your teeth. Simply put, the middle of your smile should be in alignment with the center of your face. If not, you will appear asymmetrical or “odd” to the person looking at you.

As found in the ‘POWER OF THE SMILE’ study, “bad teeth” makes one seen untrustworthy or unintelligent or even unattractive. No one wants to be seen as or thought of as unattractive, unintelligent or even untrustworthy. If you have any of these problems, such as missing, crooked or discolored teeth, bad breath, etc., you will want to take care of them as soon as possible. It will put you on the right track to feeling better about yourself and you will have a beautiful smile that will boost your confidence.

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Dental Braces & Invisalign Specialist in Gladeview Florida In search of orthodontic braces in Gladeview, Fl? Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Miami Lakes Orthodonitcs is a leading provider of Invisalign and braces in the Gladeview area. If you are ready to stop being conscious about her smile e-mail us today. Orthodontic Braces is a device that a majority of many people use to help adjust their teeth.  Braces can perform a lot more than [...]