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Searching for orthodontic braces in Florida City, Fl? Dr. Crespi of Lakes Ortho is a leading provider of braces in the South Florida area. Not just kids, these days many grown-ups are going that extra step and getting braces, also. Whether to mend very old dental issues like occlusions or to enhance façade, you will find a number of advancements and improvements in orthodontics dentistry today, deeming braces as an option for plenty people.

Braces first and foremost fix curved teeth, and that is what we all imagine when braces are talked about. By realigning the teeth into the correct position using brackets affixed to the teeth along with wires that are tightened up over a period of time, it is likely to little by little work teeth in to new and better positions. This does happen slowly – often years – however, the lasting results might be well worth it. Stereotypically, braces for children are put in teenagers and adolescences as their teeth are still forming, but with advancements there are braces to be had by individuals needing to take care of dental problems by straightening their teeth. Braces do more than help better someone’s appearance, but they also adjust other dental worries that might arise from having uneven teeth or a bad bite. Problems such as extreme rotten teeth, untimely enamel erosion, packed teeth, occlusions, and jawbone misalignment could be talked about over time with braces.

Why Choose Lakes Orthodontics as Your Florida City Orthodontist?

Braces have a stereotype of being just for kids for a few reasons. Several years ago, it was thought that it was only possible to amend the position of teeth or correct dental worries by braces while an individual was younger and their teeth were still growing. A concept which has ever since been proven to be false, with the fact being that even full-grown teeth will be shifted and bone growth could persist, serving to keep altered teeth in their more correct position.

Furthermore, as for how bulky and unpleasant braces used to be, there wasn’t many adults interested in sporting them. Bearing in mind that a standard grown person’s day involves being at work most of the day, as well as addressing various people in a number of professional and personal conditions, braces were regularly seen as awkward for who wears it, with the majority deciding to just keep their teeth as they were. But, not only has it been realized that it is entirely possible to fix adult teeth, the health values gained from adjusting dental issues can make it valuable at any age. It may take longer for adult teeth to be edged into their new places requiring older people to keep on their braces longer than younger patients, but the advantages will continue to outweigh the disadvantages.

This is especially so since the great, new braces available today that one can wear comfortably, for example Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, and Self-Ligating Braces; also snap-in retainers that should be in place specific times of the day and left off others. There are various new braces available for individuals  of all age to have their teeth realigned, bestowing on them more than a beautiful smile and the health advantages that go with aligned teeth and a right bite. If you would like additional details in regards to the Florida City orthodontic services offered by Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Miami Lakes Orthodonitcs, please check out at our clear aligners blog.

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Does Invisalign really work?

Types Of Braces for Kids_

This is a question that I get all the time from patients and it is a very valid question as, after all, you are going to invest time and money to improve your smile so you should be 100% confident that the treatment can and will deliver the results that you desire.  The simple answer for many patients is, yes, Invisalign really does work.  However, it is not a universal cure nor is it the best form of treatment for everyone.

Invisalign results are dependent on three things: the patient, the doctor, and compliance.

  • The patient – Are you a candidate for Invisalign? Certain tooth movements and bite issues can be addressed with Invisalign but not all issues.  Invisalign is not a magical pill that fixes everything.
  • The doctor – Is the doctor that you are considering for your treatment able to give you the results that you are looking for with the Invisalign treatment? Invisalign treatment should ALWAYS be diagnosed, prescribed and performed by an orthodontic specialist.  There is nothing worse than someone that goes to a dentist that misdiagnoses their treatment and the patient leaves feeling even more unhappy than before they had treatment and have already spent $5000-$6000.
  • Compliance – There is no magical appliance that stays in your pocket and straightens your teeth. The results of Invisalign are very dependent on the compliance of the patient.  If you do not wear you’re aligners (Invisalign clear trays) as prescribed by your orthodontist then you will slow down the treatment or not get the results at all.

 If you are considering Invisalign treatment or braces then make sure that the dentist that you are visiting is in-fact an orthodontist and if possible make sure that they are a board certified orthodontist (check the ABO website and use their orthodontist locator tool to verify).

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Braces & Invisalign Specialist in Florida City FL In search of orthodontic braces in Florida City, Fl? Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi of Lakes Orthodontics is a leading provider of metal and clear aligners in the Florida City area. If you are ready to stop being conscious about her smile contact us today. Orthodontic Braces is a device that the majority of folks get to help adjust their teeth.  Braces can do much more than [...]