When should I first take my kid to see an orthodontist?

Parents frequently ask the same questions.  One of the more popular ones is just how early we can tell if a child needs braces.   Typically your child’s pediatric dentist will let a parent know if they see something worth checking with an orthodontic specialist.  However, a good rule of thumb is for parents to take their kid for their first orthodontic check-up by the age of 7.  This is not only my recommendation but also [...]

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Orthodontic horror stories!

How you should choose your orthodontist for your Invisalign or braces treatment to avoid being a victim. I have had thousands of people that come to my orthodontic office and give me their horror stories (many times in tears) about the terrible experience and results that they received from a dentist that they went to down the street that promised them amazing results with their braces or Invisalign treatment.  Not only are they unhappy about [...]

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Does Invisalign really work?

This is a question that I get all the time from patients and it is a very valid question as, after all, you are going to invest time and money to improve your smile so you should be 100% confident that the treatment can and will deliver the results that you desire.  The simple answer for many patients is, yes, Invisalign really does work.  However, it is not a universal cure nor is it the [...]

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3 key steps to having success with Invisalign

Every day millions of teens and adults look in the mirror and are unhappy with their smile.  A person’s smile is their most basic form of positive expression and is vital to having self-confidence.  If you cannot smile with confidence and find yourself hiding your smile in conversations and pictures then you are handicapping yourself in your daily life. With so many options for orthodontic treatment, there is no longer any reason for you to [...]

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Do braces hurt? Does Invisalign hurt?

What you should expect when you put on your braces or Invisalign. A question that I get all the time from patients in my orthodontic office is, “Will my braces or Invisalign hurt?” This is actually on most people’s mind when considering braces or Invisalign.  No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you choose you will most likely have some level of pain, soreness or discomfort with your teeth at the beginning of treatment.  However, [...]

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What types of food should I eat when I first get my braces?

Softer foods are the best choice of foods to eat when you first get braces or Invisalign because your teeth will be sore from the initial pressure and movement caused by the treatment.  I have a list below of the top ten things to eat when you first get your braces: Smoothies, milkshakes or ice cream You deserve a treat after making a responsible and smart decision like starting your braces or Invisalign and getting [...]

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Financial options for braces and Invisalign

“I heard braces and Invisalign are expensive.  How can I afford to get braces or Invisalign?” One of the most popular concerns that parents have when they find out that their kid needs braces has to do with the cost of treatment.   Orthodontic treatment typically ranges in price from $5,000 to $6,000 depending on the specific treatment necessary as well as the geographic area that you are seeking treatment.  There are also different aspects to [...]

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